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Tallahassee Paintball Sports is putting together a local Business Paintball League for fun save competition with Trophies, Prizes and Money. We will be starting with a 3-man Tournament Paintball League and as it grows add a 5-man Tournament League. The price will be $150 per team or $50 per player. The price will include all equipment and paint (1 full hopper per game). Each team will play 4 games per Tournament. The 4 highest scoring teams will play a finals round. The Trophies, Prizes and Money will be based on 50% of the Tournament fee per team ($75 per team) where 50% will go to the first place team, 30% will go to the second place team, 15% will go to the 3rd place team and 5% will be for Trophy’s. Everyone will have to abide by the safety and Tournament Rules. A minimum of 6 teams must compete for an event. Each team can have up to 5 players, but only 3 can play in each game. Each team must have a captain who can be a player or non player. For Business’s with 6 or more teams, you can choose the date and time. The 2017 dates are August 26th, September 17th, October 22nd, November 19th and December 17th. The 2018 dates are January 21st, February 25th, March 25th, April 29th, and May 20th.
Paintball Team Building Practice

Tournament paintball in an adrenaline driven high, action packed sport. It is also fundamentally, a team sport and each player has a position or specific job to do. Which makes this a unique team building activity. This offering is a practice session with some of the best Tournament Players this area has to offer. Each participant will learn the layout of the playing field, favorable positions of play , paintball terminology, proper shooting techniques, basics of how to stay alive, break out drills, laneing drills and snap shooting drills. YOU MUST HAVE a minimum of 6 participants or more to choose your date and time. All others are encouraged to come to the Open Paintball Team Building Practices. Specific dates and times for this will be posted. The price includes equipment i.e. paintball marker, mask, hopper, air tank and 500 rounds of paintballs for a maximum of 2 hour activity. The first 30 minutes will be classroom information and instruction, followed by 60 minutes of drills and 30 minutes of scrimmage using techniques learned earlier in the day .

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